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    It’s hard enough to differentiate your business from competitors in a highly competitive market. It doesn’t help that it seems like Google changes its search engine algorithm twice a week. One of the most effective, affordable ways to reach new audiences is through SEO writing, but it can sometimes be an overwhelming, fruitless task.


    Whether you’re a freelancer who writes a lot of content for a living or an looking for ways to grow your business, WordLift is a SEO tool that can help your content thrive.

    To make your website rank higher and generate more organic content, you have to rely more on entities than keywords, which is exactly what WordLift helps you do. This simple extension allows you to conduct keyword semantic research and create a JSON-LD that communicates to Google what your content is about. WordLift lets you analyze searches you want to rank for by looking at Google SERPs and extracting the entities most important to your favorite topics. Build the JSON-LD, import to your CMS (WordLift will automatically recognize and optimize), and you’ll soon see your content rank higher in Google search results.

    WordLift also helps you optimize existing content or create new content from scratch. The fast and easy-to-use service saves you time with automatic search and entity imports, and gives you the flexibility to always search for specific search tags when targeting specific keywords or entities. With a Medium subscription, you can analyze up to 500 searches per month. A Premium subscription brings that number to 2,000.

    Find out why WordLift has earned 4.8/5 star ratings from both Capterra and GetApp. Get a Lifetime Subscription WordLift SEO Tool today for only $49. Or get one Premium subscription for just $99.

    Prices subject to change.

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