Who is Luba Farmiga? Everything you need to know about Vera Farmiga’s mother

    Luba Farmiga is the mother of the American actress Vera Farmiga. Her daughter is best recognized as a paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in the 2013 movie Conjure it and its sequel. Likewise Luba’s other daughter Taissa Farmiga is also a popular actress, just like her older sister Vera.

    Apart from her identity as a celebrity mother, Luba herself is an educated and career-oriented woman which we will discuss below. Besides, Farmiga is also the wife of her husband Michael with whom she welcomed seven children.

    Today in this article, let’s see the personal and professional details of the Luba Farmiga.

    Luba Farmiga’s Age Education and Early Life

    Vera Farmiga’s mother, Luba, was born Lubomyra “Luba” Spas to her parents Nadia And Theodore Spas late 1940. She is currently in her 70’s.

    Talking about her early life, Farmiga was a baby when her Ukrainian parents migrated to the United States of America in 1950. As Ukrainian immigrants to America, Luba’s father and mother settled in New Jersey. So she spent most of her early life in New Jersey, USA.

    Luba Farmiga is Ukrainian
    Luba Farmiga with Ukrainian flag. Source: Facebook

    In addition, the famous mother has a mixed ethnic background and may hold dual citizenship of Ukraine and America.

    Luba Farmiga’s parents met in Germany; Light on her hometown

    Farmiga’s parents Nadia and Theodore first met during World War II. Nadia, a Ukrainian citizen, reached the Ukrainian camp for displaced persons in Karsfield, Germany longing for her brother who was taken to German factories during the 2nd World War. And in the camp, Nadia’s future husband Theodore worked as a mechanic for the US Army.

    Luba Farmiga's mother is no longer in the world
    Luba Farmiga’s mother, Nadia.

    After Luba’s parents met, they fell in love and finally got married in 1946 in Munich, one of the most populous cities in Germany. And after 4 years, in 1950, the couple migrated to America. So, in this regard, Luba Farmiga’s birthplace must be Germany, but several media sources consider her birthplace to be Ukraine.

    Whatever her birthplace, Luba, born of Ukrainian parents and raised in Ukrainian culture, is undoubtedly a Ukrainian citizen originally. And about her mother, as of now, her mother is no longer living in the living world as she died at the age of 88 on October 19, 2014.

    Farmiga’s educational details

    In terms of education, Luba attended Union High School in Union, New Jersey. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Newark State College, Kean University in 1967.

    She studied Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and Teaching at Kean University, graduating in 1971.

    Career: what does Luba Farmiga do for a living?

    As mentioned earlier, she majored in education, so she started her career as a school teacher. Further, according to her LinkedIn accountshe also worked for two years as a banking officer at the National Westminster Bank.

    Luba Farmiga is a career-oriented woman
    Luba Farmiga

    In addition, she was a receptionist and Medical Records Manager at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine. She also listed herself as CEO in her bio, but the company name is unknown.

    Luba Farmiga is married to her husband Michael Farmiga

    The former school teacher has been a wife to her husband Mykhailo Farmiga possibly since the 1960s. Apart from this, no exact information about their marriage is revealed in the media. However, it seems that the couple has lived their marriage for almost six decades as of today, and their divorce has not been mentioned anywhere in the online portals.

    Luba Farmiga is married to Michael Farmiga
    Luba Farmiga with her husband and daughter

    He continued her partner Michael’s profession, he was a systems analyst turned landscape architect. Michael, also known as Mykhailo, was born in Ukraine in November 1942making him 80 years old in 2023.

    Luba Farmiga is the mother of seven children

    Together with her husband Michael, Farmiga welcomed seven children, four daughters and three sons.

    Luba Farmiga is a mother of seven children
    Luba Farmiga with one of her daughters Laryssa. Source: Facebook

    are Luba’s daughters Vera Farmiga, Nadia Farmiga, Taissa FarmigaAnd Laryssa Fermiga while her sons as Alexander, VictorAnd Stephen Farmiga.

    Of her seven children, her daughter Laryssa was born with the birth defect, spina bifida, which affects the baby’s spine. She has been taken in by her actress sister Vera. All the other Farmiga kids are doing well in their lives, both personally and professionally.

    Luba’s two daughters, Vera and Taissa, are in the film industry

    Her eldest daughter Vera, 49, is a well-known Hollywood actress. She started her career in 1996 with the piece The storm, written by William Shakespeare. Vera is now considered one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood.

    Luba Farmiga's two daughters work in films
    Luba Farmiga’s two daughters, Vera and Taissa

    As of now, Farmiga’s daughter has acted in several films, including her role in 2013 Conjure it led to her widespread recognition as an actress. Further includes her acting credit The spell 2, Annabelle comes home, The Magic: the devil made me do it, Higher ground, Nothing but the truthand many others.

    Likewise, her youngest daughter Taissa has also made a name for herself in the American entertainment industry. Born August 17, 1994The little sister of 28-year-old Vera starred in such films as The last girls, Apocalypse, Coven, and several others. Taissa is also recognized as a Scream queen for her screaming role in some horror movies.

    Farmiga is a grandmother

    As a mother of seven children, it is not surprising that she is the grandmother of many grandchildren. However, all of her grandchildren are not in the media except the details about her three grandchildren.

    From her eldest daughter Vera marriage to her husband Renn Hawkey, Luba has a granddaughter Gytta Loubov Hawkeyborn in 2010, and one grandson Finn Hawkeyborn in 2009. Farmiga also has two grandsons from her daughter Nadia, tadeoand the name of the other is unknown.

    Luba is on social media

    Luba is very active on Facebook with 79 followers. Her presence on other social media handles like Instagram and Twitter is yet to be found.

    On the other hand, her popular daughter Vera is on Instagram with 1.1 million followers. Taissa has 2 million followers on her Instagram account.

    What is Luba Farmiga’s net worth?

    As a career-oriented woman, Luba must have earned a good amount of money from her multiple profession that we talked about earlier. However, it seems that her net worth is yet to be estimated. Meanwhile, her famous daughter Vera and Taissa have an estimated fortune of $10 million and $1.5 million respectively.

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