Who Is Cameron Monaghan’s Girlfriend After She Broke Up With Peyton List?

    Since appearing on the series as a gay man, Shameless, Cameron Monaghan raised a lot of eyebrows about his real sexuality. His performance was so impeccable that he was not dating at the time Peyton listsurely many would certainly say that he is indeed gay.

    Anyway, Cameron broke up with his then-girlfriend Peyton in 2019. His fans are now curious: is Cameron Monaghan dating or single? Well, you may be happy or sad to know this, but it looks like he has a new lover, ladies and gentlemen.

    Let’s dive into Cameron’s life today and find out everything you need to know about his handsome heartthrob’s relationships.

    Who is Cameron Monaghan Girlfriend 2023? He is officially dating

    The Gotham star is indeed in a new relationship at the moment. Yes, you heard it right! The handsome 2023 hunk is dating model Lauren Searle. The dude made his relationship official through his Instagram account.

    In the photo he shared, Cameron is sitting on top of his new girlfriend as he leans in for a kiss. The photo was taken from a tent where the duo may have spent some romantic time together.

    See for yourself!

    Cameron Monaghan girlfriend
    Cameron and his lover lean in for a kiss. Source: Instagram

    In the photo, Cameron wrote in the comments section, “Mentally still here.” There is no knowledge as to when the pair are dating, but given Cameron’s nature, he may have been dating her for a while before making it official.

    While this is the first photo Cameron has shared with her publicly, he also added a story featuring his new girlfriend a few days ago.

    The couple doesn’t share many photos with each other, but when they do, it shows that they are together and happy. Scrolling through Cameron’s feed, there isn’t a single picture of the two of them, but Lauren shared a photo in October 2021.

    In the photo, they both dressed up as the main characters of the movie Matrix.

    Cameron’s new lover is a model

    In knowing his current relationship status, many of you may like to know who is Lauren Searle? Well, for starters, she is a model with Vision Los Angeles and Heros Model.

    Model Lauren Searle
    Lauren is a model based in Los Angeles, California.

    The enchanting model is a rising star. She has over 160,000 followers on her Instagram handle, @laurensearle. Apart from that, she is a dog lover and owns a dog named Bentley.

    In addition, Monaghan’s latest romantic interest also has a tattoo of a butterfly on her left arm.

    By the way, this is Cameron’s only known relationship since he called it quits, Peyton list.

    Cameron’s girlfriend Lauren initially made their relationship official in September 2021

    Well, for those who only follow Cameron, surely you don’t know that his lover had already made their affair public in September 2021. Yes, the photo Cameron added was from their hiking trip a month ago.

    Cameron with his girlfriend
    The same place where Cameron shared a photo to make their romance official.

    In a series of photos, Lauren added numerous photos from their hiking adventure. Judging by their photos, the couple had a great time together.

    Cameron Lauren
    Cameron is all smiles while walking.

    According to eagle-eyed fans, the pair met a few months ago.

    Cameron Monaghan & Peyton List: A look at their romance

    Cameron dated Peyton for about 2 years before canceling it again January 2019. They first met while working on the movie, Anthem of a teenage prophet.

    Cameron and Peyton were once dating.
    Cameron Monaghan’s friend Peyton List is famous for her work in Bunk’d. Source: Flickr

    In the film, they played each other’s love interests. After knowing each other throughout the movie, the former flames decided to go out on a date.

    Peyton once said in an interview that she and Peyton became attracted while working together and later found out that they like each other. At the time, she gushed, “He’s so understanding, which is so nice and so am I.”

    Why did Cameron and Peyton break up?

    The news of their split surprised fans as they looked amazing together. At the time, fans wondered why Cameron and Peyton broke up.

    The actual reason for their breakup did not come, but many attribute it to their busy schedules. Regardless of their split, the former flames remain polite to each other and are still good friends.

    When they broke up, they still attended various events together. Peyton and Cameron went to the premiere of Anthem of a teenage prophetdays after their split.

    E! Online first broke the news of their split. According to reports, they broke up over the holidays. Since the breakup, Peyton, like Cameron, has not been in a relationship with anyone.

    She, however was associated with NBA star, Zion Williamson after sharing a picture of them on his Instagram. Reports suggest it was just a friendly meeting and nothing else.

    Cameron Dating List: From Sadie Newman to Ruby Modine

    Previously, the 29-year-old had a relationship with two beautiful ladies.

    His first relationship came out in 2015 when he dated the British born model, Sadie Newman. The couple dated back in 2015, but they went their separate ways in the same year.

    Cameron and Ruby attend an event.
    Cameron once dated his Shameless co-star, Ruby. Source: Pinterest

    After breaking up with Sadie, he dated his Shameless co-star, Robin Modine from 2016-2017.

    Is Cameron Monaghan gay? The truth about his sexuality

    Since I portrayed the character of a gay person in the series, Shamelessfans were curious about Cameron’s sexual orientation.

    Spoiler alert!

    Cameron kisses Noel on the show, Shameless.
    After his kissing scene in Shameless, people are asking about Cameron’s sexuality.

    On seeing Cameron’s character, Ian To kiss Noel Visser‘s character Mickey, the LGBT community was almost certain that the actor is gay. He played the role that perfectly led people to believe that he is definitely not straight.

    Well, that’s good acting in our books and no, the California native hasn’t said anything about being gay. Nevertheless, his previous contacts clearly show that his sexual orientation is straight.

    Be that as it may, we’ve all seen countless celebs who dated the opposite sex only to later reveal they were gay.

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