Twitter stops forcing its algorithmic timeline on iOS and Android •

    The circle of Twitter decisions is complete. The social network finally stops forcing its “For You” algorithmic timeline on users on iOS and Android. Twitter said the apps remember your choice of timeline when you close them.

    If you look at the chronological “Follow” timeline when you exit the app, you won’t be forced to go back to the algorithmic timeline when you open Twitter again. The company rolled out this update on the web last month and is now pushing it to the latest versions of Twitter mobile apps.

    The Elon Musk-led company started pushing the “For You” algorithmic timeline last month by making it the default feed on iOS. Later, it also brought the dual-timeline view to Android and the web.

    Many users were unhappy that there was no way to make the chronological timeline the default, as Twitter pushed them back to the “For You” timeline on refresh or when the app is reopened. The latest update fixes that problem, but the dual-timeline view is here to stay.

    Before that, Twitter had a star button that made it easy to switch between a chronological or algorithmic timeline.

    And right now, you’ll need to use Twitter’s official app to access the social network, as the company has killed third-party apps by making changes to its API terms of use.

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