Train ChatGPT to write your website’s homepage in 5 easy steps

    Every large company needs a slick website to match. A high-converting site that demonstrates your credibility and forces someone to buy or contact can make or break your business. Investing in copywriters, web designers and developers is the route most entrepreneurs take, but what if there was a way to get a lot of value in a fraction of the time and cost?

    Within an hour, you can configure a drag-and-drop website builder, refresh your brand with an AI graphic design tool, and start serving Google, Twitter, or Facebook ads. But what about the words on the page? How will you most effectively share the information customers need?

    With a solid understanding of your business and some clever prompts, you can have every element of an impressive homepage live and ready to test with an audience and rate the results.

    Here’s how to build the components of an effective homepage, use ChatGPT to create a value proposition, engage your ideal customer, address their biggest challenges, paint the big picture, and create a compelling call-to-action to add.

    How to ask ChatGPT to write your website copy

    1. Create your value proposition

    Everything above the fold of your website, before anyone has to scroll down, is prime real estate for buyers. Don’t waste it with confusing messages and multiple options to click. This space has only one purpose: to attract attention. Let someone know they’re in the right place and intrigue them to find out more. Make them want to scroll down to follow their curiosity.

    To get this effect, you need a value proposition. Here is the prompt to login to ChatGPT. “My company works with [target audience] reaches [the 3 main results you create for customers]. After working with us they feel [the change you create for people]. We are unique because we [ways in which your business is unique]. Based on this information, create 10 value proposition options. They all need to speak directly to a member of our target audience and be really compelling, so they want to know more.”

    Here’s a sample prompt: “My company works with marketing executives at B2B companies to achieve social media success with a trusted agency partner. After working with us, they feel relaxed, confident and as if their marketing is in good hands. We are unique in that we hire experts to manage our clients’ accounts and we speak in their language. Based on this information, can you make 10 value proposition options? Each has to speak directly to a member of our target audience and be really engaging, so they want to know more.

    Once you have your options, choose your top 3 and test them out. Share them on social media and see which one resonates best. You can even run ads for an A/B test. Add the winner to your website’s banner to get the right attention, and save the others for further down the page.

    2. Address your ideal customer

    Too many companies are vague about who their ideal customer really is. They don’t want to refuse work, so they approach everyone. They water down their message and don’t say no. What results is a light-hearted offering that tries to be everything to all people, not a clear and strong brand that gathers loyal fans. To build a solid customer base, your customers need to feel that you are the only option for them. They need to see themselves benefiting from your product and service because you understand their hopes and dreams.

    Prompt ChatGPT in the following way. “My company’s customers are [describe your dream customer in terms of demographics, location, interests, life stages and anything else relevant.] They want to achieve [describe what your dream customer is looking to achieve in engaging your services]. Can you give me 6 bullet points that succinctly describe this person, in a way they could identify with. These six bullet points are under the heading ‘Our customers are…’ and should appeal to people who fit the description given.”

    Here’s an example prompt. My company’s clients are creators and coaches who work with clients every month but want to earn more without being so busy. They want to share their work further and make more impact. They don’t want to run around without time to themselves. They want to generate passive income and attract higher value customers. Can you give me 6 bullet points that succinctly describe this person, in a way they could identify with. These six bullet points are under the heading “Our customers are…” and should appeal to people who fit the description given.

    Read ChatGPT’s suggestions and check if they suit you. For edits, keep asking for the information with a different style, tone, or voice depending on your brand. When you’ve completed the bullet points, add a home page section titled “Who we work with” or “We work with people who…” and add them below that, in whatever format suits your site, with checkmarks or something similar to checkmarks.

    3. Talk to their biggest challenges

    It’s not enough to understand what your dream clients want to achieve. You have to understand their challenges. You have to empathize. You must demonstrate that you know how to ease their pain and worry with your product or service. While you probably do, you probably don’t communicate it well enough for them to contact you. That’s where this prompt comes in.

    After your value proposition and “who we work with” bullet points, ask ChatGPT to tell you about your target audience’s biggest challenges. “I described my company’s customers in detail (in my last question). Can you now explain their three biggest challenges in a way that speaks directly to them, as things they don’t want to experience anymore. These three bullet points go under a sentence that begins “They want….”

    Rate the responses ChatGPT gives and ask for them shorter, spicier or in a different tone. Read the challenges aloud and consider whether they capture the essence of your target audience’s pain. Edit and generate responses as needed and when you’re satisfied add this header and its words to your website’s home page.

    4. Paint the big picture

    Here’s the fun part. You’ve captured your reader’s attention, they’re pretty sure you work with people like them, and they think you understand their issues. Now you are painting a picture of what life could be like if they started working with you. They are prepared, so appeal to their visionary nature with this next installment.

    Here’s the prompt. “Now that you know my ideal client, their biggest challenges and how my company helps them, can you give me a paragraph that starts with ‘Imagine That’ and describe how great their life could be with all their problems solved by working with us? to work together. Explain how they will feel and what changes they will experience. Address them directly in this section.”

    What follows will probably be a long paragraph, so push ChatGPT further by specifying which parts you like, and asking to edit it. Test this paragraph with a client; does it accurately describe the effect you had on their lives? You can also ask ChatGPT to, “Describe a landscape image that would fit this paragraph, that would appeal to my target audience and make them excited to work with my company. It should contain the colors [explain your brand’s colour palette] and in the style of being [describe the style of your brand].” Regenerate the answer until you are satisfied. Once you have this description, paste it into Midjourney to generate one or more images to place on your homepage.

    5. Include a compelling call-to-action

    With ChatGPT’s output so far, your website is primed for success and your ideal customer is hungry for the transformation. The last piece of the puzzle is a clear call to action and social proof. Visitors to your site need to feel that other people have achieved this result and they need to be driven to take the next step. This part requires two prompts.

    Question one, “Now I want my customer to click a button and get in touch. Can you give me 3 options, less than 6 words each, of the text that could go on that button? They will use that button to [book a call, make an enquiry, pay a deposit / delete as appropriate] and it must be compelling and related to the transformation described above.” Once you have these options, add a call-to-action button to the header of your homepage, one below the top challenges section, and one at the bottom right. You can also include these calls-to-action in some ads to see which ones are the most successful calls-to-action.

    Finally, you need testimonials. The best testimonial comes from a real customer, is accompanied by their name, company name and portrait photo and describes a specific and recognizable challenge they have overcome since working with you. Here is the prompt for your LLM. “My ideal client experiences these three major challenges: [paste the challenges from earlier in the chat.] For each challenge, can you write a paragraph testimonial from a customer who has experienced that exact challenge and has not experienced it since joining us.”

    You now have three testimonials that can be regenerated and edited with further clues. Instead of adding these testimonials to your site (which is not recommended, as they are made up), think about people in your existing customer base who have actually experienced the described transformation and then email them. Write the email with this prompt. “Can you write an email to my customer, [name], and ask them if I can have a testimonial from them for my homepage, to help more people in the same way. Includes testimonial [1, 2 or 3] and ask if they want to add their name to that paragraph or make changes. Say it would be much appreciated.” When you get the message, email your customers, get their approval, and add the testimonials to your site.

    Don’t leave your homepage to chance. Train ChatGPT to write your text in 5 easy steps, powered by these specific pointers. Make sure your company’s digital storefront is perfectly formatted, incredibly attractive and ridiculously recognizable to get more questions than you know what to do with.

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