Revolut sees its valuation reconsidered as public markets stir the fintech pot

    What are neobanks worth? That’s a question on the minds of many people, especially the investors and employees of the richly valued fintechs who have been waiting for an IPO comeback.

    Overall, the neobanks seem to be doing well most of the time, especially those across the pond. But new data from a venture capital firm indicates that at least some investors are still figuring out how to value them: UK-based Revolut saw its valuation cut earlier this year and the company is once again in the headlines for reasons not nice that it won. One of Revolut’s backers, Molten Ventures recently reported its own financial performance and the data indicates that Revolut’s valuation is being reexamined.

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    Molten Ventures, formerly known as Draper Esprit listed on the London Stock Exchange and shares more information about its interests than most VC firms thanks to its corporate structure. It is important that this also gives us a good insight into the changing value of the companies in the portfolio. Molten notes that its fair market values ​​for portfolio companies are determined by its Audit, Risk and Valuation Committee and are sensitive to public compositions.

    The latest from Molten a wealth of useful data that we’ll dig deeper into in the coming days, but today let’s focus on Revolut and try to rank the company neater than its peers.

    Revolve by the numbers

    As far as we know, Revolut’s last big round of funding was a massive $800 million Series E that gave it a post-money valuation of $33 billion, per Crunchbase data. That round marked the neobank as not only one of the most valuable fintech startups in the world, but also one of the most valued private technology companies, period.

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