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    Sky1’s Babylon Berlin is a neo nori German crime drama series. Volker Kutscher’s Berlin crime series Gereon Rath. The show revolves around the life of Police Inspector Gereon Rath. The third season arriving in early 2020 left fans with a terrible cliffhanger. So the expectation is very high for Babylon Berlin Season 4.

    What to expect from Babylon Berlin season 4?

    The Babylon Berlin season ended on a cliffhanger, not with the collapse of Wall Street, which had catastrophic consequences for the Berlin stock market. Meanwhile, Rath had not only managed to convince Böhm not to take his life, but had also made Wendt confess that he had plotted Benda’s murder. The season ends when he meets Helga and Nyssen, leaving fans with so many questions in their heads.

    When the series returns for Babylon Berlin Season 4, it will likely pick up after the events of the third season. It may focus more on the relationship between Rath and Charlotte as they shared a kiss last season. Meanwhile, fans still don’t know why Rath took hefty doses of morphine, which causes psychedelic delusions.

    Goldstein, the third novel in Gereon Rath’s famous crime fiction series, centers on an American mafia named Abraham Goldstein. We know that the fourth season will take a few things from the book. Therefore, it may also include the Goldstein storyline in Babylon Berlin Season 4. We can expect a lot of intense drama and action from the upcoming season, which will be set in the 1930s. And since the 1930s, it was the time when Nazism began to take over German society, which is also touched upon in the book. So the next season may also portray it to some extent.

    On the other hand, the German magazine Qiez insinuated that Babylon Berlin season 4 would contain components from Kutscher’s fourth “Babylon Berlin” book, “The Fatherland Files”. In the book, Gereon investigates a ghostly murder linked to the rise of the Nazi Party.

    Is Babylon Berlin inspired by real events?

    ‘Babylon Berlin’ is certainly not based on real events. The series is based on the crime novels by Volker Kutscher. In the early 2000s, Kutscher was influenced to write his crime novel series by the gangster film ‘Road to Perdition’, ‘The Sopranos’ and Fritz Lang’s film ‘M.’ Kutscher earned the Berlin Krimi-Fuchs Crime Writers Prize for the series, which was a huge hit. Some of the personalities readers encounter in Kutscher’s writings are real people. However, it would be a mistake to assume that all of his work is based on fiction. Kutscher’s crime series is historically authentic, and his understanding of the Weimer Republic era was crucial to the novel’s success.

    It may come as a shock to fans to learn that most of their favorite characters are nothing more than a figment of the author’s brain and that they never lived in history. The idea was to create characters faithful to the late 1920s, providing a rich setting for gangster novels such as “Babylon Berlin.” While the show is not based on a real story, it does draw a lot of information from historically factual events.

    Babylon Berlin Cast!

    In Babylon Berlin, Volker Bruch plays the lead role of police inspector Gereon Rath. He is also known for the miniseries Generation War. The series stars Liv Lisa Fries as the shorthand typist Charlotte Ritter, Leonie Benesch plays Greta Overbeck. The show also features Misel Maticevic as Edgar Kasabian and Lars Eidinger as Alfred Nyssen.

    In addition, other prominent cast members Fritzi Haberlandt as Elisabeth Behnke, Karl Markovics as Samuel Katelbach, Jens Harzer as Dr. Ann Schmidt. In the series, Jördis Triebel appears as Dr. Völcker and Christian Friedel plays Reinhold Gräf. In Babylon Berlin Season 4, Mark Ivanir will join the cast along with most of the original cast reprising members.

    Babylon Berlin Season 4 Release Date!

    The third season of Babylon Berlin ran from January 24 to February 28, 2020. And the season was later made available for streaming on Netflix on February 28, 2020. If this were a perfect world, the fourth season would have been released in 2021. Unfortunately, the outbreak of covid19 has delayed the fourth season. And one of the crew members revealed that the creators would not compromise on the quality of the show. But now we have a certain date for Babylon Berlin Season 4. It is reported to premiere on October 8, 2022.

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