Pixelmator Pro 3.0 is coming, with new features, 200 templates, mockups and more •

    The popular Mac application Pixelmator Pro rolled out its latest release today with the launch of Pixelmator Pro 3.0. The update to the image editing app included 200 new design templates, customizable mockups, and a machine learning-powered feature the company calls “Smart Replace.”

    The update comes after the company announced earlier this year that Pixelmator Photo would be making its way to the Mac after previously only available on iOS and iPadOS. While Pixelmator Photo is mainly used for photo editing, Pixelmator Pro gives users more creative autonomy and a more robust set of features.

    Today’s update comes with 200 new design templates ranging from shareable social media squares, resumes, poster designs, and even cards. According to the company, these templates are fully customizable and even offer a branding option.

    Once a user logs in and chooses to create a new document, they are presented with the application catalog with categories and the option to choose Brand Templates. Templates are designed to allow continuity across media.

    “With the easy-to-use design templates in Pixelmator Pro, anyone can create stunning visuals in no time,” said Simonas Bastys, lead developer at the Pixelmator team, in a statement about the launch. “And with a range of beautiful, fully customizable mockups also included in today’s update, users can see those designs come to life right away in Pixelmator Pro.”

    In addition to customizable templates, the company now allows users to create a mockup of their design and edit this mockup with element alternatives. Mockups can be designed for various forms of print media, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

    Image Credits: Pixelmator

    At the bottom of the left sidebar, users can find the mockup section and select which medium they want to promote their design. By clicking the plus button, users can put their design into the mockup and click the alternatives button (usually in the lower right corner) to change the lighting settings. Lighting effects can reflect direct spotlights, various types of plant shadows, soft shadows, and direct and diffused light.

    Users also have the option to change the full color scheme of the mockup they are editing.

    Furthermore, the company has released its “Smart Replace” feature.

    This feature can replace a design element with a user’s photo, remove backgrounds, scale the image if it’s low quality, and find an optimal placement. The concept should help designers save time and allow images to fit seamlessly into the design.

    Existing subscribers can access the update and new users can purchase it for $39.99.

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