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    When people think of journalists, they often think of paparazzi chasing superstars all over Hollywood, and people sitting in the office retyping articles on their computers. However, most journalists are hardworking, educated people who have fought hard to earn their careers; Betsy Woodruff is one of them. Who is this beautiful reporter and is she the daughter of famous journalists Bob and Judy Woodruff?

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    Early life and education

    Betsy Woodruff was born on October 31, 1989 in Purcellville, Virginia, USA. She is a white woman and an American citizen.

    Her parents are Jane Tharp and Scott Woodruff and she has a brother, Chris, and a sister who shares a first name with her mother, Jane. Woodruff’s mother graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Missouri and used to work at the Patrick Henry College Bookstore, but after the birth of her children, she became a housewife. Unlike her daughter, Jane does not like to discuss political topics and tries to avoid them as much as possible.

    Woodruff’s high school has not been disclosed, but in 2008 she enrolled at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, USA, graduating with honors in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in English Language.

    During her studies, she was part of the university’s Dow Journalism Program.

    She said that her parents, especially her father, are the ones responsible for her strong business ethic as they both had moderately successful careers and tried to educate their children about the importance of a stable and long-lasting career. Her brother shares her serious attitude towards business as he is the Executive Director of Life Raft International and currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Woodruff’s sister is a successful attorney who works for Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig, in Leesburg, Virginia.

    Betsy Woodruff


    While still a student, Woodruff began writing for several newspapers, including the National Review, the Washington Examiner, and the Toledo Free Press. Upon graduation, she did an internship with the Washington Examiner, where she began writing about politics.

    In the spring of 2015, Woodruff joined the Daily Beast, an American online news and opinion newspaper, as a political reporter. She covered topics such as federal law enforcement, justice, and issues related to immigration. She also covered Capitol Hill and covered the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Thanks to all this, she was featured in several TV shows, such as “Fox Business”, “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, “Deadline: White House” and “Morning Joe”. She was also a guest on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and ‘Meet the Press with Chuck Todd’.

    In 2016, Woodruff was given her biggest job yet, when she covered the presidential election, including all Congressional matters and Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian involvement in Trump’s victory.

    Woodruff’s has won several awards related to its journalism, including the William F Buckley Fellowship from the National Review Institute and the award given by the Michigan Press Association.

    In 2014 she won the prestigious Wallace Brown Award, for ‘best and fairest young journalist’.

    Private life

    at 11e March 2018 Woodruff became engaged to her longtime partner and colleague, Jonathan Swan. Jonathan is a well-known journalist who started his career at “Fairfax Media”, an Australian media house, but soon started working for Axios Media, doing national political news. He became involved in political controversy when he was accused by Ronald Kessler, who is a journalist for the Washington Post, of being one of several journalists who produced sponsored articles about the then newly elected US President Trump.

    The claims came as Swan became the first journalist to release several high-profile stories containing information previously unknown.

    The couple dated for several years, and while the exact date their relationship started is unknown, it’s rumored to have happened sometime in 2014 as that was the year Woodruff revealed she had a boyfriend without his name. to make. In March 2018, Woodruff shared several of their suggested photos, including of her engagement ring, on her Facebook profile, with the caption, “I’m getting married to this man!” The couple tied the knot at 14e September 2019 in Washington DC, where the couple still lives.

    Woodruff is active on social media and has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She is quite popular on the last two, with many fans looking forward to every photo she posts.

    Connections to Bob and Judy Woodruff

    Many people think that Betsy Woodruff is the daughter of Judy and Bob Woodruff, especially since they are both journalists too. However, the trio is not related in any way, and it is not disclosed if they ever met – their shared name and profession is just a coincidence.

    Judy Woodruff is the anchor and director of PBS News Hour, the founder of the International Women’s Media Foundation, and has worked for PBS, NBC and CNN. She is the daughter of Anna Lee and Army Officer William Woodruff.

    Bob Woodruff is the journalist who worked for companies like ABC and CBS news. He was wounded in Iraq while reporting on the war events and this led him to found the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which specializes in supporting veterans and their families.

    Net value

    As a reporter for the Daily Beast, Woodruff’s annual salary is reportedly around $75,000. Her net worth is estimated at around $1 million dollars, as of early 2020.

    Physical Characteristics

    Woodruff is 1.68 m tall and weighs about 57 kg. She is a slender lady with light brown hair and dark eyes.

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