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    The modern age has brought forth a new breed of celebrity: social media stars. While many people think it’s easy to gain fame over the Internet, the small number of people who have actually achieved fame says something else. One of the youngsters who managed to use social media and the internet to her advantage is Sophie Mudd, who is often regarded as ‘the new Emily Ratajkowski’. Who is Sophie Mudd really?

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    Early life and education

    Sophie Mudd was born on July 27, 1998 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is of American and Latin descent, but her parents are from the United Kingdom.

    She was raised by her supportive and rich mother and father, with her brother Nicolas, so she quickly got used to a life of fame and luxury. Both she and her brother attended an independent private academy reserved for prestigious students, the Campbell Hall School, located in the Studio City district of Los Angeles. She showed a lot of interest in sports from an early age, so it was no surprise that she competed in March 2012 and won 12e place in the athletics event at the Delphic League Meet at Notre Dame High School in the long jump division.

    In 2013, Mudd and her family moved to Beverly Hills, California.


    Mudd opened her account in 2013 on the well-known photo-sharing social media platform Instagram where she started posting photos of her daily life – focusing on her sultry body – and within a few months she already had half a million followers. Her online fame brought her to the attention of numerous companies and brands, and soon she got the chance to sign a contract with a Milan multinational company, MP Management, which has contacts with numerous fashion designers, modeling agencies and brands, and who excels in giving various projects and brand and commercial deals to influencers.

    Sophie Mudd

    Since then, Mudd has managed to score brand deals with big names such as Body Glove Girl, DIFF Eyewear, Nike, Shadow Hill, Romeo Power Technology, as well as others including Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Cloudten, Le Jolie, Prix Workshop, Bananhot and Frankies .


    Sophie Mudd is rumors have been in a relationship with Conrad Hughes Hilton Jr, the youngest son of multi-millionaire Baron Hilton, and a sibling of actress, singer and heiress Paris Hilton. The Hilton family is one of the most famous millionaire families in Hollywood, owning more than 550 real estate properties around the world.

    Hilton and Mudd became “friends” on Facebook and Instagram in 2014 and were seen together several times over the following months. According to unnamed sources, the duo hid their relationship due to certain events in their lives, including their parents. In 2016, however, the pair were in the headlines after their alleged breakup – which was followed by the two “unfriending” each other on their social media accounts.

    As of April 2020, Mudd is in a relationship with young Instagram entrepreneur Austin Dash, better known as Mori LLC. Dash has a fairly small Instagram account compared to Mudd’s, with about 8,000 followers.

    The pair managed to hide the beginnings of their relationship so it has not been disclosed how the two met and how long they have been dating, but according to their first pictures together, at least since early 2017. Mud gets often. seen. sharing photos with her boyfriend, and the duo isn’t shy about showing their affection for each other online. Their fans fondly refer to them as “Ausop”, a nickname made from their first name initials.

    While the couple still hasn’t talked about marriage or future life, Mudd had called Austin “future baby daddy” on one of her Instagram posts, showing that the couple is serious about their relationship.

    They also regularly post videos dedicated to each other. and celebrate most of the big dates in public, such as their birthdays or Christmas Eve.

    Private life

    Mudd is close to both of her parents and often posts photos with them on her Instagram profile, especially on occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. She posted numerous photos from her childhood with them, and all of these photos have encouraging and grateful descriptions, and she always speaks of the constant support she has from her family.

    Mudd’s friends describe her as a gentle and shy person in real life, which is the opposite of what she imagines herself on social media.

    As would be expected from someone who is a star thanks to the internet, Mudd is quite active on her social media accounts. She has collected over 1.6 million followers on her Instagram profile and she also has a large number of followers on her Snapchat, on which she regularly posts short clips of herself.


    In June 2017, Mudd posted a video to her Snapchat showing off her new bikini with an American flag on it, and while she was jumping around her breasts, they fell out of the top part of her bikini. This started a long controversy as to whether she did this on purpose or not, as this little embarrassing accident gained her a huge following and her name was in the spotlight for several weeks.

    Net value

    Through all of her branding deals and online fame, Mudd has managed to make quite a fortune – and her wealth will only grow. From the beginning of 2020, her assets are estimated be over $250,000.

    Physical Characteristics

    Mudd is 1.67 m tall and often displays her hourglass figure. She usually wears shorts, skirts and bikinis, making her already long legs look even longer. She is a D cup bra size, her vital stats are 32-25-34, but her exact weight has not been disclosed. She takes good care of her health and has long brown hair and big brown eyes.

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