Marvel Snap Season Pass: Into the Quantum Realm – All new maps and rewards

    Marvel Snap’s new season pass is based on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Marvel Snap features Marvel themed cards separated into pools. The Into the Quantum Realm season adds a new map, season pass, locations, and a soft reset of your rank. The Season Pass also includes new map variants, currency rewards, and season caches. Here are all the rewards and levels in the new Season Pass.

    Marvel Snap Into the Quantum Realm Season Pass is unlocked

    Marvel Snap has a single season pass divided into two free and paid versions. The Into the Quantum season runs until March 7, 2022. The main addition for the season is MODOK MODOK costs five energy and has eight strength. MODOK’s On Reveal ability discards your hand. We have items in bold in the Premium Season Passthe paid version.

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    1. MODOK Basic map.
    2. 100 credits.
    3. 25 MODOK boosters.
    4. 100 gold.
    5. 200 credits.
    6. 25 MODOK boosters.
    7. Mysterious variant.
    8. 15 boosters.
    9. ‘Honey, I shrunk the heroes’ new title.
    10. 100 credits.
    11. 100 gold.
    12. Ant Man avatar.
    13. 200 credits.
    14. 30 Ant man boosters.
    15. 100 gold.
    16. 15 boosters.
    17. 100 credits.
    18. Ant man Steampunk Variant card.
    19. 100 gold.
    20. 30 Ant man boosters.
    21. 15 boosters.
    22. Mystery Variant card.
    23. 200 credits.
    24. 15 boosters.
    25. New card back.
    26. 200 credits.
    27. New title ‘Few cubes less than a rank’.
    28. 100 credits.
    29. 100 gold.
    30. Wasp Avatar.
    31. 200 credits.
    32. 30 Wasp boosters.
    33. 100 gold.
    34. Wasp Steampunk variant map.
    35. 200 credits.
    36. 30 Wasp boosters.
    37. 100 gold.
    38. 25 boosters.
    39. 100 credits.
    40. Mystery Variant card.
    41. 200 credits.
    42. 60 MODOK boosters.
    43. 200 credits.
    44. ‘Have I beaten you before’ New title.
    45. 500 credits.
    46. MODOK avatar.
    47. Mystery Variant card.
    48. New card back.
    49. 500 gold.
    50. MODOK Assassin Variant map.

    Is the Marvel Snap Premium Season Pass worth it?

    The new season pass has several replay rewards such as currency and boosters. MODOK is the only map associated with the Season Pass, as Ant Man and Wasp are available in the standard map pool. Developer Second Dinner has started adding exclusive Season Pass cards to the Token Shop, which can then be purchased with in-game currency after the season ends. Each rank’s resources are worth buying the season pass if you’re a dedicated Marvel Snap player and want the new MODOK map. However, a casual player can skip the paid version.

    For more information on Marvel Snap, visit Marvel Snap Tier List – Best Meta Cards and Decks on Pro Game Guides.

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