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    The pollution caused by humans to the environment has resulted in increasing the frequency of natural disasters happening across the world. In such scenarios, nothing is better than a guide that can assist you whenever a calamity happens. City Prepping is a great way to learn to be calm during natural disasters and survive them.

    City Prepping is a YouTube channel that creates content regarding ways to survive harsh conditions, most importantly calamities and disasters. Since 2015, the channel has gained popularity as it provides easy and realistic methods to overcome bad times. But, Who is City Prepping? What is its aim? How much is the net worth of City Prepping? Well, in this article we are going to focus on these questions. 

    Who Is City Prepping?

    Kris is the man behind an extremely helpful and guiding YouTube channel and website, City Prepping. As a youth, Kris spent most of his time out beyond the boundaries of his home. He used to live in the woods and as a member of a Boy Scouts Organization, he has learned different ways of survival under the toughest and harshest conditions. Since his youth, Kris has shown great interest in mountain climbing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. 

    Combining the knowledge, experience, and efforts that he gathered as a young boy, he created his own YouTube channel by the name of City Prepping. Kris has done graduation in microbiology after which he joined an NGO with the motive to assist people in times of calamities and natural disasters. When he found his interest in surviving the odds and adapting to different environments, he decided to start his website, blog and YouTube channel as well.

    What is the Aim of City Prepping?

    The City Prepping website and the YouTube channel was created back in 2015 to teach the urban population the methods and tricks to apply during times of crisis or natural disasters such as flood, tsunami, cyclone, etc. City Prepping covers all the basics regarding a natural disaster and the awareness one should show at that time.

    Be it giving first aid, cooking, or being prepared during times of earthquake, everything is shared by Kris on his YouTube channel City Prepping. Presently, Kris- The Man Behind City Prepping is leading a normal life in a city.

    Kris only aspires to make other city dwellers aware of the situation of calamities that can occur anytime. Although he does not “build” houses or pools like other YouTubers, he too has gained fame over time.

    City Prepping YouTube Channel and Website

    Created with the aim of survival aid to other people, the City Prepping YouTube channel has reached 815K subscribers in a matter of 7 years. Just like others, Kris is a normal person living in suburban neighborhoods and paying his taxes. 

    What makes him different from other Youtubers is that he never boasts of his perfection or the work he does. He simply shares his experience with others so that they can be guided properly. Till now, he has uploaded 512 videos.

    Apart from managing his YouTube channel, Kris also owns a website named City Prepping. On his website,, you can find articles and education guides that would save you during times of natural disasters. 

    Moreover, on the website, you will acknowledge a survivalist supplies store wherein you will get products that can efficiently help you out in times of need. Kris posts articles on surviving even the most dreadful scenarios with ease and calm. This is the reason that he has acquired fame over time. 

    City Prepping Roadmap 

    For those wanting to learn the information provided by Kris, he has developed a course that collects all the data from his best sources and combines it with the City Prepping Roadmap. It is a platform designed for online learning. Also, you can download the videos or articles and study them whenever it is feasible for you to do so.

    City Prepping’s Net Worth

    With 815K subscribers and 102.6 million views on his videos, Kris can make a net worth of $227,000. Also, he earns income via his website and the products that he has to offer to the audience. City Prepping’s main aim is to not earn profit but rather to help people with his videos and the content he creates.

    Best Videos By City Prepping 

    Some of the best videos by City Prepping are mentioned as under-

    • The Massive Threat No One is Talking About

    • 5 Food Items That Soon Will Disappear


    Prepping is well-known for his survival videos and other educational content that has been of major assistance to people over time. His easy tricks and insightful evaluation of various topics have been a reason for the growth of his YouTube channel and his fame as well.

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