John Wick creator is writing a movie based on ‘Sifu’

    creator Derek Kolstad is working on yet another video game adaptation. Just after writing and producing a Streets of Rage movie, it turned out that Kolstad is taking on the same duties for a live-action movie based on .

    Kolstad and his partners at media company Story Kitchen have entered into a partnership sifu developer and publisher Sloclap, as reports. The beat-’em-up proved to be a hit when it was released in February, as it sold – despite Elder ring and Horizon Forbidden West arrive around the same time. What sets Sifu apart from the pact is that each time the protagonist dies in their quest for vengeance, they age, but their enemies remain the same age.

    That hook alone gives a screenwriter a lot of intriguing possibilities. The one versus many aspect of sifu also seems to be right up Kolstad’s alley, given his experience with the John Wick franchise and No one. As if all this wasn’t enough, Kolstad is also lagging behind an upcoming animated series based on Ubisoft’s games.

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