IBM Expands Adobe Partnership to Accelerate Content Supply Chains with Generative AI

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    IBM And Adobe join forces to improve content supply chains using AI technology. IBM has announced that it will expand its existing partnership with Adobe to leverage Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Adobe Firefly, a suite of creative generative AI models (currently in beta). In addition, IBM Consulting is introducing a new suite of Adobe consulting services to help clients navigate the complex generative AI landscape.

    IBM said this joint effort will focus specifically on helping customers create personalized customer experiences, develop rich customer personas and design tailored journeys through generative AI.

    “To effectively leverage these enhanced capabilities, embedding the required process steps into Adobe’s Workfront technologies will deliver the desired collaboration and speed while ensuring visibility, governance and brand integrity,” Matt Candy, global managing partner, IBM iX customer and experience transformation at IBM Consulting, told VentureBeat.

    IBM says brands can now launch campaigns, experiences and products faster, with more confidence and precision, maximizing their impact on the business.


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    The companies have set their sights on building an integrated content supply chain ecosystem that improves efficiency, automates tasks, and improves visibility for stakeholders involved in design and creative projects. They will leverage Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content supply chain solution and IBM’s consulting services to achieve this goal.

    Under this expanded partnership, Adobe’s enterprise customers will have access to IBM Consulting’s team of experts, consisting of 21,000 experienced data and AI consultants. These experts help clients implement generative AI models into the design and creative process.

    “Our global experts are certified in Adobe technologies [and] thoroughly understand Adobe’s tools to help our customers maximize technology and workflows while helping to ensure [that] transparency and explainability are embedded in their creative process,” IBM’s Candy told VentureBeat. “We will also help integrate Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution with our customers’ own customer data, brand guidelines, and IP, so organizations don’t have to worry about whether they’re getting the right content and [whether] it suits the brand.”

    The services provided include the use of Firefly, initially focused on generating graphics and text effects, and Sensei GenAI services, which act as a co-pilot for marketers embedded in Adobe’s enterprise applications.

    Streamline content workflows through generative AI

    IBM said its expanded partnership with Adobe aims to capitalize on the growing momentum in AI adoption, enabling brands to create highly personalized customer experiences that drive growth and productivity. With a focus on trust, transparency and brand consistency, the company said the partnership aims to redefine the capabilities of AI-powered experiences while improving business decisions.

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    IBM’s Candy stated that IBM Consulting works closely with Adobe customers to help them prepare their internal data sources and structures. In addition, they help customers identify appropriate use cases, assess value impact, and evaluate and recommend technologies for use.

    “We help our clients train and customize basic models (FMs) and LLMs using both enterprise and customer datasets,” he said. “We are prioritizing putting up guardrails to address bias and maintain a brand voice.”

    Candy emphasized that IBM’s consultants have the expertise to use the full generative AI technology stack, including base models and more than 50 domain-specific classic machine learning accelerators. This extensive range of tools enables them to accelerate progress for clients.

    “We use our unique IBM Garage method of co-creating and collaborating with customers to build their ideas and take them to the enterprise level,” he explains. “For example, we work with customers to develop prioritized AI use cases, define the technology roadmap, resources and tools to support those use cases, and develop the human-centered design and operating model necessary to bring cases to enterprise scale. ”

    IBM’s long-term vision for AI

    IBM stated that its marketing transformation journey had laid the groundwork for the introduction of these new services. The company has actively supported Adobe in improving the marketing team’s work management as part of the collaboration.

    The expanded collaboration is based on a 20-year strategic partnership that spanned technology and services. In particular, Adobe embraced Red Hat OpenShift, IBM AI, and Sterling software as a result of this partnership.

    The company emphasized that through its global customer engagement, it has witnessed a shift in business approach from “plus AI” to “AI-first”. This transition means that AI is now deeply integrated into the core business of enterprises.

    IBM said it is actively reinventing work processes and fundamentally transforming tasks by leveraging AI technologies such as basic modeling and generative AI.

    “We help clients around the world and in every industry embed AI into the enterprise’s heartbeat processes,” said Candy. “Our experience tells us that getting value for AI in business requires a deep understanding of the complexity of an enterprise and a people-centered, principled approach to using AI – and that’s not likely to change any time soon.”

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