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    Pixel Piece offers different ways to play the game, so you are free to choose the style that suits you best. One of them is Fishman Karate, an excellent choice if you’ve chosen to play as Fishman. You must play as Fishman to learn this fighting style. Here’s how to get Fishman Karate in Pixel Piece so you can become one of the best fighters in the game!

    Where to learn Fishman Karate in Pixel Piece – location Kraken

    • Go to Shark Park Island. If you don’t know where it is, head northeast from Orange Town until you reach it. Keep in mind that traveling takes some time in Pixel Piece, so think about investing in the faster ship.
    • While most of the fights are for level 110+ characters, you can run around the map to get your Fishman Karate style without clashing with anyone.

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    • You will see a hill (or mountain, if you will) near the city center and a path leading to the height.
    • Follow the path (you have to jump a few times) until you get to a house.
    • Here you will meet Kraken, who will teach you Fishman Karate style.
    • You will need gold to train this style, so save some money for it. The Pixel Piece codes can help you get everything you need faster, so use them often.

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