How to cope with a finance essay faster

    Various assignments are an inevitable part of studying, even if you are into studying finance, business, or any hard science. A finance essay may become a significant challenge you have ever faced during your study. If you don’t want to spend an unreasonably long period of time writing a paper and wish to do it faster, we are here to help! First, let’s return to basics.

    The Basics of Writing a Good Finance Essay

    What makes a good finance essay? The content of your paper should have a high informative value and immediately dive into the subject. To keep all things in order, here are some points that will help you be more productive and stay on course.

    Read out the requirements.

    Every finance essay starts with the question that should be answered in the paper. Read the assignment attentively and make sure that you have understood it in the right way. Many students fail to write an essay because the finished document is about a completely different topic.

    Stick to the structure.

    The core of any essay is an outline that typically consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. A detailed plan, even a short essay, will boost your writing speed. Take some time to write the key sentences for each paragraph, and voila! Your first draft is ready. 

    Write effective introduction

    Did you know that some professors read attentively only the introduction and skim through the central part of the paper? The introduction gives your paper the right tone, and a properly articulated thesis statement helps form the essay’s main idea.

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    • Tricks for Writing Finance Essay Faster

    You may have noticed that good things take time. To write a financial essay within a short time, we have some tips that you can utilize immediately or take into account in the future.

    Use writing apps and services.

    To get quicker and better results, you can use various online tools. For example,  EssayShark essay writing app provides assistance in writing finance and other kinds of essays. Sometimes it’s better to use the help once or twice to see how the work should be done and follow the principles in your future works. Also, such apps may be a savior when you have run up on time, and you can’t meet the deadline in any case by yourself.

    Plan your time.

    Productive writing is not about sitting in the library for a long time. Planning time for the essay and total concentration on paper will work best. Create a calendar to plan a specific time for all stages of essay writing. Mark Twain once said that the morning was the best time to eat the frog. “Frogs” are obligatory tasks that make you feel sick. Start your essay as soon as possible, and don’t leave it in a small box.

    Besides, you can utilize time management tips from this article.

    Pick the right place and tools.

    Choose a quiet area to get away from distractions. Organize your workplace with everything you need for work, including water and a little snack. Switch off notifications, close social networks, and set a timer for an hour or a half to work strictly on your paper.

    Also, some students prefer to take notes on paper. But we recommend you to make digital notes, as it will be much quicker to copy-paste text than retyping it from paper.

    Use lists.

    The better you know the subject, the faster and more accurate writing you will produce. Write down the points you should remember and place them behind your eyes. It may be keywords, academic words, and topics you shouldn’t forget to write about. For example, a reminder of the thesis statement may help quickly find the right arguments and information to complete the essay.

    Take writing courses.

    We know it sounds sad. Learning here, learning there. But on the contrary, the time you spend on additional courses on improving academic writing skills will pay you in advance. Many colleges and universities provide their writing courses. Ask your professor or check the main website of your educational institution thoroughly. Besides, online educational platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX propose various free writing courses. For example, you can take one of the best-rated free courses provided by Stanford University.

    Try rewriting tools.

    Any essay is a combination of already existing information on a particular topic and shows how the student has understood the topic. Pick several articles related to your future paper, highlight the parts you wish to include, and rewrite them by improving phrases, including other terms, and creating new sentences. You can use online paraphrasers to make a basis for your future writing and then polish it with your own words. Don’t forget to use several plagiarism checkers to ensure you have written an original copy and used proper citations.

    Create a list of reliable sources you can use in your writing.

    Typically, the most time-consuming thing in academic writing is searching for relevant articles, books, and already written essays on the topic. To make your writing faster, make a list of libraries and links to trusted services with reliable information and sources of inspiration. The American Finance Association, SSRN, IDEAS, Google Scholar, Academic finance journals, and blogs of professors in finance will help you a lot.

    Apply freewriting techniques.

    When creating the draft, you can start writing any section you want. Pick the easiest or the most researched part of your work and start writing. We highly recommend using a freewriting technique when you don’t know how to start an essay. Right after you read the article, you can write down everything connected to your topic in your own words.


    You can write an excellent finance essay if you make a bit of effort beforehand. The list of tips you have read above can be extended with other recommendations. Experiment, use various tools, and find those that work best for you. Get your hands on the computer and produce the essay you will be proud of!

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