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    • GTA 6 images leak: About 90 clips from the next Grand Theft Auto game leaked this week, with the uploader claiming to have hacked into Rockstar Games’ internal Slack. Rockstar confirmed the “network intrusion”, adding that they are “extremely disappointed” to see things leaked this way, but development is “going ahead as planned”.
    • Wipro fires 300 employees over moonlightIndia’s IT giant Wipro “has fired 300 employees in recent months who were found to be an afterthought to competitors,” writes Manish, while Wipro chairman Rishad Premji calls the moonlight an “act of breach of integrity.”
    • Revolut hacked: Revolut, a banking/financial services startup, confirmed this week that hackers were able to crack data on a “small percentage” of its customers. The company declined to be specific about exactly how many customers that would be, but a disclosure of the infringement filed with authorities in the company’s home country, Lithuania, suggests it is around 50,000.
    • The wild monitor of Brelyon: Want something more immersive than a standard monitor, but don’t want a VR headset on your face? Brelyon is trying to reinvent the display and they raised $15 million from a pretty impressive list of investors to make it happen.
    • Kia and Hyundai sued over design flaw: Earlier this year, a TikTok went viral exposing a not-too-complicated way to steal certain models of Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Now a class action lawsuit has been filed against the automakers, alleging the cars were “intentionally” built without “engine immobilizers,” which Rebecca describes as a “cheap and widely used device” intended to avoid this problem.
    • Google’s new Chromecast: Two years ago, Google launched a 4K version of the Chromecast — the first Chromecast to come with a dedicated remote, rather than requiring a smartphone for everything. They are now bringing the same design plus a remote control to the more affordable HD (1080p) model. The HD model costs $30, while the 4K version costs $50.
    • Facebook users sue Meta over iOS tracking“The complaint,” Taylor writes, “claims that Meta circumvented Apple’s new restrictions by tracking users through Facebook’s in-app browser, which opens links within the app.”

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    • The Equity team asked, “What does venture capital break-in look like today, and how is it changing?”
    • My friends on Found it spoke to the co-founders of Change about how/why they built a crypto-centric API for charity.
    • The chain reaction the crew talked about – what else? – the recent massive changes in the way Ethereum works, and the perhaps surprising impact that “the merger” had on the market.

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