Fashion technology platform Mys Tyler launches ‘Brands for your Body’ to help women find clothes that fit

    Mys Tyler, the platform designed to empower women to discover algorithmically tailored fashion for their body type, has launched a new Contributor Hub and site to connect women, designers and apparel brands worldwide.

    Originally launched in 2020, Mys Tyler’s algorithm has been used by over 300,000 women Unpleasant discover like-bodied makers and body-relevant fashion content.

    Founder Sarah Neill is now launching a web-based platform that aims to make the anonymized collected data more widely accessible to users.

    Brands for your body provides a curated experience for users based on their height and size information. Their statistics produce a list of ideal brands that match their shape and size, while the app offers a further hyper-personalized selection of brands that match more than 10 physical characteristics.

    Launched in mid-January, Mys Tyler’s Contributor Hub is an in-app collaboration marketplace that connects content creators with fashion brands.

    The Hub wants to celebrate the diversity of body types that is often missing from Australian advertising.

    Neill said her own research “found that 81% of Australian women feel unrepresented by fashion advertising”, which is why the Hub aims to help brands “create inclusive campaigns with a variety of creators”.

    Brands can use the Contributor Hub to find content creators for their campaigns and establish collaborations. Once a brief has been prepared by a brand and uploaded to the app, contributors can sign up directly and be notified if their application is successful.

    However, Neill emphatically emphasizes that the Hub is not strictly for seasoned creators.

    “It’s not an influencer-only platform; every woman can become a contributor and be involved in our community. There’s a growing interest from brands in finding women who represent and resonate with their audience — it’s not about followers, it’s about relatability,” she said.

    After testing successful collaborations between Contributors and brands like Active Truth, Mys Tyler launched the Contributor Hub in late 2022.

    Since then, the Contributor Hub has connected more than 60 content creators with campaigns from brands like Dani Marie, Beam Bold, AAM The Label, and MAYES NYC.

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