5 Unknown Facts About The Survivor Of The CBS Reality Program

    Survivor returns to CBS with a new season. Since its debut in 2000, the program has aired for 42 seasons, starting the trend of adventure reality series. Season 43 of the sitcom premiered on CBS on September 21, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET, featuring a new cast of characters from the tropical island of Fiji. They have to live in a remote area for 26 days on the bounty of nature.

    Let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts about the program that took America by storm and has remained one of the most popular reality TV series. Payouts, mementos, the Dream Team and more – 5 facts about survivors you may not know

    1) Everyone who participates will receive a compensation.

    While adventure game shows such as Survivor attract a large number of participants, the large prize pool plays an important role in generating this hype. The winner of each season will receive a large sum of money from CBS, amounting to a whopping $2 million for Survivor: Winners at War. While the winners are richly rewarded, what about the other competitors, you wonder?

    According to EW, CBS will compensate all Survivor participants depending on how long they’ve been on the program. The first person to be removed will earn $2,500, the third person will receive $85,000, and the winner will receive a hefty $100,000. Entrants who were previously eliminated and participated in the final reunion will win an additional $10,000.

    2) Players may bring personal items.

    The main idea of ​​Survivor is that competitors must survive in a remote tropical environment with few resources, while still producing food, shelter and fire for themselves. While it is normal to survive alone, the producers are aware of a number of threats that the players may experience. Participants are provided with some basic facilities.

    They are provided with medical first aid supplies, sunscreen and bug spray, all of which are essential in a tropical environment. A little protection goes a long way. Participants may also keep a list of personal items in an off-camera box in the woods, such as tampons and contact lenses.

    3) The ultimate team

    Survivor starts with participants belonging to one of the two tribes and then pits them against each other in competitive activities to escape elimination. These tasks can be excessively demanding if not properly managed or validated. As a result, the CBS production team is made up of a group of individuals known as the Dream Team. In a behind-the-scenes video of the crew, host Jeff Probst noted that they had the challengers’ safety and viability under control. It is often a group of 16-20 in their early twenties who are recruited each season and try each task individually.

    4) Players can get the Hidden Immunity Idol.

    The structure of the program places participants in competitive challenges and removes them based on votes from the Tribal Council. Producers created the idea of ​​the Hidden Immunity Idol to put a spin on the program. If played correctly, this can undo a verdict, but it is only valid in certain circumstances.


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<p>As a result, there have been cases when the idol was not played despite the presence of a participant.  In these cases, the owner may keep the idol and keep it as a memento.  Andrea Boehlke, a former contestant, said that after she was voted out without having to use her immunity idol, she was allowed to take it home.  Although the producers asked for it to be repeated on the program five years later, they promptly returned it.</p>
<h2>5) Interactions between the camera crew and the participants</h2>
<p>The producers do not encourage contestants to interact with the production team, consistent with the premise of the show.  While it is clear that the participants are usually followed by a camera crew, contact between the camera crew and the players is also limited.</p>
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    Radio silence is of course impossible with the ever-present camera team. Different scenarios are also acted out by the players so that the cameras can capture a decent image. Former contestant Karishma Patel told Insider how they had to repeat their trip to the tribal council many times so that the cameras could get different points of view.

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