12 Printable Invoice Template Options

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    If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of billing your customers correctly and on time. Not only does it help you track your income and expenses, but it also helps build trust with your customers. In this article, we’ll discuss 12 different printable invoice templates that you can use for your business. We’ll also talk about the benefits of each template and how to use them. So whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, there’s sure to be a template here to fit your needs!

    Benefits of using a printable invoice

    There are many benefits to using a printable small business invoice template. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it saves time. Also, when you use a template, you don’t have to start over every time you need to create an invoice. This can be a huge time saver, especially if you create a lot of invoices.

    Other benefits Involving:

    1. Helps you stay organized: When all your invoices are in one place, it’s easy to keep track of them and make sure you’re billing your customers correctly.
    2. You can add useful functions: You can often add additional features and other information to the template as needed. For example, you want to include your company logo or slogan on the invoice.
    3. They are cost effectiveInvoice templates you can download from places like Etsy tend to be very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of hiring a designer to create a custom invoice for you. You can also invoice multiple customers to them at once, saving time AND money. If you want a free invoice template, we’ll discuss that later as well.
    4. They help your company get paid on time: You can complete your billing tasks quickly and efficiently, reducing the time for your customer to receive and pay your invoice.
    5. Streamline the payment process: Invoice templates, whether printable or not, can include features that make it easier for customers to pay you. For example, there are invoices with a ‘pay now’ button to interact with the digital invoice and pay quickly online.

    How to choose the best printable invoice template

    Now that we’ve covered some of the benefits of using an invoice template, let’s talk about how a small business owner decides how to choose the best printable option.


    Determine the purpose of the invoice

    Whether you’re billing for services rendered or products sold, make sure you know what the bill is for before you create it. Also consider the recipient and the information that the printable invoice must contain.

    Find a really professional template

    Once you know what the invoice is for, you can choose the template that works best for you. The one you choose should represent your brand and business well, so you want to send professional invoices. There are many different templates available, so take your time and choose the one that you think works best for you and your company’s billing process.

    Consider ease of use

    Choose an invoice template that you can use easily. If you’re not familiar with design software, look for a template that doesn’t require it. Many printable invoice templates can be edited in Microsoft Word or Excel, programs that most people are familiar with.

    Make sure it’s compatible

    A small operation can probably get by with an invoice on their intranet or shared Google docs or an Excel spreadsheet. Larger companies will want to ensure that their billing system is compatible with their accounting software, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks. This way you can easily import your invoices into the software and keep them in one place. This compatibility makes it easier to keep track of your finances and avoid mistakes.


    Look for a customizable template

    While you don’t want to spend hours customizing an invoice template, it is important to be able to make changes to the template if necessary. For example, you should be able to add your company logo, change the colors and fonts, and add additional fields or information if needed.

    Consider the overall appearance of the invoice

    Your invoice design should match your company’s branding. If you’re running a modern business, look for a template with a clean, minimal design. If your business is more traditional, consider a template with a classic look.

    Think of your audience

    Who gets the invoice? Do you need to include additional information for them, such as your company logo or slogan? If any of these questions apply, make sure the template you choose allows it. For example, if it is an interdepartmental invoice, it can be informal, but must information such as purchase codes. On the other hand, if it’s for a client, you may want a more polished look to match your logo and brand colors.

    Think about your brand

    Your invoice is a reflection of your brand, so make sure it’s consistent with the rest of your marketing collateral. This includes using the same colors, fonts and branding elements.

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    Make sure the invoice has the correct sections

    Think about what information should appear on your company’s invoice. Also, make sure that the template you choose allows you to customize these fields as needed, or the template owner can customize the template to fit your needs.

    The basic elements to include in the main sections when you send invoices are:

    • The invoice number.
    • The invoice date.
    • The name, address and contact details of your company and customer.
    • Your company logo, along with a slogan or slogan.
    • Line items that include:
      • Description of delivered products and services.
      • Price and quantity for each product or service supplied.
    • The subtotal, plus any discounts and applicable taxes.
    • Total due date and due date.

    Other elements that can be added are:

    • Payment terms and instructions, along with any notes.
    • A place for a signature (if applicable).
    • Payment forms accepted.
    • Pay now button if you send electronic forms.

    12 Best Printable Invoice Templates [2022]

    Now that you know how to choose a printable invoice template, let’s take a look at some examples of business invoices that can help you get paid on time. You’re sure to find an invoice sample of the 12 listed here that works well for everything from billing a customer for web design work to billing a customer for an order of custom printed t-shirts. We even listed one that allows you to bill freelance services.


    1. Printable Simple Invoice Template

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 973px) 100vw, 973px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×330.png 660w, 973w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    This printable, easy invoice template from Etsy seller ‘DigitalTemplatePaper’ is perfect for businesses that want to keep everything organized and clear. It is also available in five ready-to-use colors


    To download DigitalTemplatePaper’s printer-friendly invoice templates, click here

    2. Printable Blank Invoice Template

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 612px) 100vw, 612px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×67.png 120w,×182.png 325w,×224.png 400w, 612w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    This printable blank invoice form from Etsy seller ‘VibeVenture’ contains all the necessary information needed to invoice customers without the mess.

    To download VibeVenture’s printable blank invoice template, click here

    3. Editable Printable Invoice Template

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 979px) 100vw, 979px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×330.png 660w, 979w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    This fully customizable MS Word template from Etsy seller ‘SomeSpecialCreations’ is tailor-made for businesses that need to regularly send printable invoices to customers. You can customize the template with any colors, fonts, and logos you need.

    To download SomeSpecialCreations’ editable invoice template, click here

    4. Printable Invoice Form

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 1140px) 100vw, 1140px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×102.png 150w,×204.png 300w,×423.png 620w,×450.png 660w,×523.png 768w,×579.png 850w,×698.png 1024w, 1140w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    If you have MS Word, you can generate and print invoice forms. The one shown above was generated in Office 365 and the app allows you to create printable invoices for free in a no-nonsense way. Go to File > New and search for ‘invoice’. You can browse the arrows and find the free printable invoices that work for you.

    5. Stand-alone Printable Template

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 757px) 100vw, 757px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×67.png 120w,×182.png 325w,×224.png 400w,×375.png 670w, 757w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    A self-employed bill states the work performed and the agreed rate per hour or job. Created by Etsy seller “ModernPicassoDIY,” this minimalist template works like a charm if you’re self-employed or freelancer looking for ways to keep track of your hourly paid work.


    To download ModernPicassoDIY’s standalone invoice, click here

    6. Printable PDF Invoice Form

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 983px) 100vw, 983px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×330.png 660w, 983w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    If you need to send a PDF version of your invoice, this invoice created with Canva is exactly what you’re looking for. The PDF file format is available for printing in Letter and Legal format and can be customized with your logo.

    To download this PDF template from Etsy seller ‘VanityDesignsInc’, click here

    7. Special Purpose Billing

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 1404px) 100vw, 1404px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×69.png 150w,×139.png 300w,×287.png 620w,×305.png 660w,×355.png 768w,×393.png 850w,×473.png 1024w, 1404w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    Industries such as construction, photography, and graphic design call for customizable special-purpose fields as part of the template. Invoice Simple offers specialization pages for these circumstances. In addition, you have several choices such as Word, Excel and Google Docs when selecting a template. Finally, if you need additional services, such as paying for credit cards on the spot or online, they offer: special billing software that allows customers to do that.

    8. Printable Template Bundles

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 986px) 100vw, 986px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×330.png 660w, 986w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    If you need more than one type of printable templates, Etsy seller ‘DigisignStudio’ has a variety of bundled template sets that are perfect for small businesses. The bundle includes editable Canva templates and forms for billing, orders, and quotes.

    To download this printable template bundle from DigisignStudio, click here

    9. Google Doc Sales Invoice

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×330.png 660w, 960w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    This Google Docs Sales Invoice from Etsy seller ‘DAZZLEMEDIA’ is best for businesses that need to share documents and send invoices electronically. You can customize the invoice with your company logo or other changes. Plus, you can save it as a PDF or send it to your printer for people to pick up and fill out manually.


    To download DAZZLEMEDIA’s Google Doc Sales Invoice Template, click here

    10. Free Printable Invoice Template

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 1441px) 100vw, 1441px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×89.png 150w,×178.png 300w,×368.png 620w,×392.png 660w,×456.png 768w,×504.png 850w,×608.png 1024w, 1441w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    Invoice Home offers a mobile app that allows you to choose from 100 free printable invoice templates. Available on Android and iOS, you can use the app to quickly and easily create invoices to email and bill customers.

    To download this free printable invoice template from Invoice Home, click here

    11. Free Invoice Generator

    ” sizes=”(max-width: 1106px) 100vw, 1106px” alt=”” width=”850″ height=”560″ data-ezsrcset=”×89.png 150w,×179.png 300w,×369.png 620w,×393.png 660w,×458.png 768w,×506.png 850w,×610.png 1024w, 1106w” data-ezsrc=”” />

    Payment processing companies such as Paypal and Wave offer free printable invoice templates as part of their invoice management/invoice generator features. They also perform calculations similar to how a spreadsheet does. If you have an account, you can create invoices online by entering your details and saving the changes. Then you can start sending invoices electronically to your customers. In addition, you can print the form directly from the template or save it in PDF format to share by email.

    12. Accounting Invoice Templates

    If you use accounting software, many of them offer free invoice templates integrated into their software platforms. This solution works great for small business owners who need to use paper to complete tasks in an efficient, professional manner. For example, Freshbooks offers a free printable invoice template that is customizable and you can choose from their extensive gallery

    Image: Depositphotos


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